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warm, warmer, hot as hell

15 Sep

I really miss wearing my jacket. Like having a blanket around you but makes you feel cool, in the stylish sense.

Instead, SoCal has been disgustingly hot in the past few days. Leaving the house feels like you ran into someone’s armpit and opening the car door is similar to standing by a sauna powered by a waterfall of distilled human sweat. (No odor, but damn, you can feel it.)

Yet I do drive with my windows down. Once I let the cooped-up armpit fart air out of the sedan through the window, the breeze is a 4th place copper trophy. Only an inch of coolness can be felt, but I’ll take it. Better than using some gas to my A/C when going on the sidestreets.

Come on Autumn, make your entrance. I bought a nice jacket that I like to wear, something that would soak all of my body water like a sponge boss if worn on a hot day like today.



I finished a JRPG and damn does it feel good

18 Aug

Much as I enjoy RPG as a genre in video games, leveling up your characters and being immersed in the story, I never really gotten around to finishing playing. It takes too long and I would lose interest as the “grinding” (i.e. doing same stuff over and over and over…and over) leaves me feeling burnt out.

nothing but a barely cute showboat at the high school competition.

barely cute.

Persona 4, however, is a different story.

My friend Albert got me Persona 4 Golden for the PS Vita last fall.

When I first began playing, it was okay but didn’t grab my interest as much. The Fusion (combining your ‘Pokemon spirits’ to make bigger, powerful ones) got me confused, Social Links came off as tacky (“oh so-and-so opened up a little…*flash* friendship leveled up!). But while the game was not hinged on the “save the princess/world/both”, I was intrigued on solving the mystery of  who was committing these murders and kidnappings in Inaba, a small town in Japan.

(So okay, you can argue eventually it becomes “save the world”, but by that point in the game, I’m already invested. Not some old stranger going up to me and without any context say “save the world, tarnations!”)

Another friend, who is not familiar with RPGs, asked me to describe what Persona 4 Golden is like, and I said something along the lines like: “Bunch of high school kids investigate a murder mystery and it plays like Pokemon.”

After about seven hours into the game, something clicked. Maybe it’s the story got more interesting or the Fusion made sense. So fast-forward some 93 hours, I finally achieved getting the True Ending after getting two bad ones. I always thought completing a JRPG was somewhat impossible as I’ll easily be sidetracked by side quests and other video games on my backlog. But have a fascinating story, smooth interface, and the option for my character to date someone (Yukiko’s taken, sorry), then I’m onboard.

Also, after having played the game, it made this comic pretty damn awesome to read. (There’s always the animated/voiced version on Youtube. Do read it first.)

Felt so good to have played it well. I really don’t want to leave Inaba. (I will return someday, maybe.) So now I’m playing Persona Arena and Persona 3. Looking forward to Persona 5.




imagination leads to

30 Apr

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.

– George Bernard Shaw

blog then ask questions later

16 Apr

So if you have check back on this blog every now and then, you may have noticed I have been posting frequently recently. You have no idea (or maybe you do because you can relate) of the number of drafts I have. Okay, a dozen, not a crazy number, but whenever I had tried to write something in the past few months, they all ended up as drafts, lonely latchkey children without their own Instagram account.

So what has led me to break out of my draft cage and actually hit the publish button? This paper for class I have. It’s about analyzing the data sample and critiquing on its strengths, weakness, limitation, and additional thoughts.

Too bad I can’t save that assignment as a draft indefinitely unless I want to sacrifice a chunk of points. Nope. School has conditioned me grades are more important than what I have to say. Oh, low blow cynicism, I know. And you know too.

I guess it’s just when I’m assigned to write something abstract or detached from my interests or anything that has to do with the ivory academic tower writing, my brain operates on this weird mode. Just say stuff that makes sense…I don’t give a damn if it touches my heart or some sentimental loco stuff.

All this anxiety and procrastination pressed me to write something, and lo, hello again WordPress. No need to potty-train every single sentence (gotta have one to be the butt of the jokes).

I could understand highbrow people might furrow their brows toward blogs because some posts might have some grammar potholes, getting the it’s and its confused as well as the there, their, they’re.

So you know that paper I talked about? It’s due tonight. (It was due two days ago, but the professor has extended the due date.) And another assignment too.


So head down to your local blog post shelter, and adopt a neglected draft, teach it some new tricks, and take it to the WordPress show.

epilogue to the 2014 lunar eclipse

15 Apr

So thought I add some final thoughts before concluding my coverage of the lunar eclipse last night.

When I first heard of the lunar eclipse and how the “blood moon” has historical significance, I was a bit scared, thinking something unfortunate was going to happen. Maybe the rapture happens or something. Nothing on a global scale happened, but I think the power of the moon did play into effect.

I went to the Lego store today and visited the Pick-A-Brick, where you can fill up a container with the pieces you want with a small going for $7.99 and a large $14.99. But to my surprise, the price for both sizes increased by a dollar.

My fear has been realized, on a miniature, plastic scale.


So I rather be optimistic and not think last night as a blood moon, but as a love moon. Well, you know, maybe the love of my life (i.e. future girlfriend to be future wife) was looking at the same moon at the same time. Like Sleepless in Seattle.

Cheesy I know. (In case you haven’t learn, the moon is not made of dairy.)

live blogging: lunar eclipse

14 Apr


I am here live somewhere in Southern California to bring you this coverage of the lunar eclipse tonight. From my backyard, drinking a Shocktop Raspberry Wheat and typing on this blog. This is my first attempt at this so-called live-blogging. I thought it was make a bunch of short posts, but it’s one entry with timestamps on them.

I also got a pair of binoculars with me. You could witness this event with your eye, but I haven’t used the binocular since I went to a baseball about two years ago. Best to make the use of them.

Status: Full moon there. Nothing happened yet. Come on, grass grow faster than you waxing and waning.



The moon has a little blotch of darkness on the lower-left corner.

Status: Full moon with a seven o’ clock shadow, and could use a good razor.



I received a tip from a friend and I quote, “no sign of a change.” Then at 11:05:45pm, she noted “moon is still bright white.” Very astute.

Status: Like watching paint drying.



Paint dries pretty fast if you ask me… I do see a small chunk of the left side of the moon being covered. Like a baby cookie monster taking its first bite.

Status: Something’s happening. Finally.



Another small part has been eclipsed. I say it’s about 1/4 of the moon. The binoculars do help to see that it is an eclipse. Been hearing lots of sirens more than usually and a helicopter flying by.

Status: A piece of the pie is taken. And can’t tell if it’s a cherry pie.



Looks like it’s almost halfway through. You can easily see the eclipse now. The redness? Still yet to come.

Status: Finally, traffic is moving!

4/15/2014 12:12AM

Much has happened. When I was taking a picture, my flash accidentally went off, and my next-door neighbor, who was also outside, noticed. He asked me to try his scope. So we conversed for a bit. But yes…

The moon is visibly red. Not blatant red, but more like a dull, Marsy red.

Status: Cool. Just came out of the blue. Pun intended and notably failed.

appetite surfing

14 Apr

Note to self: Never drive when you’re hungry and have not yet decided where to eat. Waste of time and gas. And you end up getting something that you weren’t craving. (It is kind of fun to drive without any aim or destination.)

Initially I thought of calling this “foodie surfing”, but that doesn’t sound quite right as it emphasized more on the person who loves food than the food itself. So I thought appetite surfing makes more sense because one moment you are craving a hamburger, but you feel reluctant (because you realized you had it yesterday or don’t have the coupon) and begin craving something else.

It’s like your tastebuds have one TV to share, and they’re all fighting for the remote.


Today I was prepared. I had a coupon for Jersey Mike’s Subs. So I knew where I was going to eat. I got in the car and on my way there, I had a bad feeling there was something I missed in the fine print.

I took a look and realized the coupon was only accepted at another Jerry Mike’s, not the one I was going to. I don’t want to drive two towns over to save one or two bucks, I thought.¹ Then it dawned on me. Hey! I’ve been meaning to try Costco’s new item, the pulled pork sandwich.

I arrived at Costco. A decent crowd with few tables free. I stood in line for a minute or two, and then took a closer look at the signs. They only accepted cash, or if you are feeling old-fashioned, a check with your Costco Club. But they don’t accept credit card. I didn’t have any of those three and what a sinking feeling, like I got stood up on two dates in a row.

I settled with Carl’s Jr.’s. I had asked Siri to find me a coupon in the web browser and it came up with “Ageing a coupon.” Decided to let my hunger override my Asian coupon-clipping mentality. I ordered the Big Carl, pretty much the answer to McDonald’s Big Mac.

The meat was thicker than McD and rested on a bed of lettuce. On top was a glob of thousand island dressing. The whole thing was sandwiched by two slightly firm buns. Not the most arousing food review. The burger was enough to satisfy my appetite since it was quite a late lunch.

I could hear some of my tastebuds, telling me, “you see…you should have gone to this [insert eatery] instead.”


¹If it was the only Jerry Mike’s in the area and I knew before driving, I would definitely go there to save, but there is one that is less than two miles from where I live.