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blog then ask questions later

16 Apr

So if you have check back on this blog every now and then, you may have noticed I have been posting frequently recently. You have no idea (or maybe you do because you can relate) of the number of drafts I have. Okay, a dozen, not a crazy number, but whenever I had tried to write something in the past few months, they all ended up as drafts, lonely latchkey children without their own Instagram account.

So what has led me to break out of my draft cage and actually hit the publish button? This paper for class I have. It’s about analyzing the data sample and critiquing on its strengths, weakness, limitation, and additional thoughts.

Too bad I can’t save that assignment as a draft indefinitely unless I want to sacrifice a chunk of points. Nope. School has conditioned me grades are more important than what I have to say. Oh, low blow cynicism, I know. And you know too.

I guess it’s just when I’m assigned to write something abstract or detached from my interests or anything that has to do with the ivory academic tower writing, my brain operates on this weird mode. Just say stuff that makes sense…I don’t give a damn if it touches my heart or some sentimental loco stuff.

All this anxiety and procrastination pressed me to write something, and lo, hello again WordPress. No need to potty-train every single sentence (gotta have one to be the butt of the jokes).

I could understand highbrow people might furrow their brows toward blogs because some posts might have some grammar potholes, getting the it’s and its confused as well as the there, their, they’re.

So you know that paper I talked about? It’s due tonight. (It was due two days ago, but the professor has extended the due date.) And another assignment too.


So head down to your local blog post shelter, and adopt a neglected draft, teach it some new tricks, and take it to the WordPress show.


one year anniversary: reintroduction

22 May

So here we are, May 22, this blog’s one year anniversary. I got a notification about a week ago saying May 16 was my anniversary, but that was when I first created my account. Even if it’s only been twelve months, reading my introduction feels nostalgic and contradicting. It’s funny how at first I mentioned about being on all these social networks to express myself in different ways, but then crossed them out vowing to stop doing so. And yet here I am back again on these social networks like Twitter, with the exception of Facebook.


For all of you who have been following this blog, thank you very much. And for those who liked my past posts, thank you very much as well. Also, for you who came across this blog for the first time via the Reader or other means, thank you for taking the time to stop by. It’s good to know that what I have been blogging resonates with some readers and the outward expression of new likes and followers affirms that I do have something worthwhile to say.

For the new readers, here are two posts you might find interesting. The first one is self-explaintory and the second one is about being an artist (or pursuing an occupation you enjoy):

between faith and a skeptic place

love the game (i.e. your craft)


This is my 56th post here, and of course, more to come in the upcoming weeks, months, and perhaps years as well. This blog will now be regularly updated on every Tuesday. Nice to have something set on a particular day rather than based on “whenever I feel like it.” (There’ll be the occasional extra post or two, but this is determined by the “whenever I feel like it” clause.)

I like to update twice or thrice or mice a week, but better eat my peas and carrots first before I could get seconds. To blog daily? Sure, it’s possible, but the quality of the posts would just plummet.

So, now that I had a year to blog, what’s this blog about other than being a “personal blog?” All I could say it’s just about my thoughts and life experiences, for now. I’m quite a capricious individual, and what I write on this blog vary according to my whims. Even having written 55 posts already, I’ll need another year to figure out what this blog is really about.

Cue Macklemore’s Can’t Hold Us.

i am a blogger

12 Apr

For quite some time, I thought of myself “writing on my blog” or “updating my blog.” I avoided the terms blog (as a verb) and blogger. Probably it was the negative preconceptions like this comic that made me think blogging is some coping mechanism that unpublished writers go through.

Growing up in the 1990s to the early 2000s, I became drawn to the popular dream of being published. I always read books at the public library in the 808’s, which consists mostly of inspirational thoughts about writing. So I began thinking that great writing must start with submitting a bunch of manuscripts to magazines and being rejected some thousand times. (I read too many comic strips with Snoopy getting his manuscript rejected.) I once submitted a collection of poems, and yes, got a small, impersonal rejection letter, which I still keep as a souvenir.

Thus this developed some negative impression of blogging somewhere in my unconscious. Sure, I’ll admit that I did use Xanga in my high school days, but even then, I knew it wasn’t going to be Pulitzer Prize material. I thought great, serious, and awesome writing only resided in magazines and literary journals.


I must admit, there is that magic when it comes to blogging. Instead of sending your manuscripts to mysterious editors hidden in the shadows of literary elitism, your posts are instantly available to the everyday Joe, Jane, and [insert your name here] browsing on the blogging website and the Internet. You can write whatever you are passionate or introspective about, and reach out to your audience who look forward to reading your latest posts. You can view the likes and respond to the comments in real time without waiting a few weeks if your manuscript got accepted. (Of course, it would be nice to get a physical letter saying your work is accepted.)

I have finally come to the point to admit this: I am a blogger, who blogs.