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10 Sep

This blog is going to be on hiatus.

In the meanwhile, check out some posts listed in the Table of Contents on the right side.

For those who have been reading, thank you for taking the time.


one year anniversary: reintroduction

22 May

So here we are, May 22, this blog’s one year anniversary. I got a notification about a week ago saying May 16 was my anniversary, but that was when I first created my account. Even if it’s only been twelve months, reading my introduction feels nostalgic and contradicting. It’s funny how at first I mentioned about being on all these social networks to express myself in different ways, but then crossed them out vowing to stop doing so. And yet here I am back again on these social networks like Twitter, with the exception of Facebook.


For all of you who have been following this blog, thank you very much. And for those who liked my past posts, thank you very much as well. Also, for you who came across this blog for the first time via the Reader or other means, thank you for taking the time to stop by. It’s good to know that what I have been blogging resonates with some readers and the outward expression of new likes and followers affirms that I do have something worthwhile to say.

For the new readers, here are two posts you might find interesting. The first one is self-explaintory and the second one is about being an artist (or pursuing an occupation you enjoy):

between faith and a skeptic place

love the game (i.e. your craft)


This is my 56th post here, and of course, more to come in the upcoming weeks, months, and perhaps years as well. This blog will now be regularly updated on every Tuesday. Nice to have something set on a particular day rather than based on “whenever I feel like it.” (There’ll be the occasional extra post or two, but this is determined by the “whenever I feel like it” clause.)

I like to update twice or thrice or mice a week, but better eat my peas and carrots first before I could get seconds. To blog daily? Sure, it’s possible, but the quality of the posts would just plummet.

So, now that I had a year to blog, what’s this blog about other than being a “personal blog?” All I could say it’s just about my thoughts and life experiences, for now. I’m quite a capricious individual, and what I write on this blog vary according to my whims. Even having written 55 posts already, I’ll need another year to figure out what this blog is really about.

Cue Macklemore’s Can’t Hold Us.

instagram: my nicotine patch

16 Mar

So I’m still keeping my new years resolution: no Facebook for a year, at least.

A co-worker was nudging me to go back on the website so she can invite me to networking functions. I told her there’s email, but she had become accustomed to using the events and messages in Facebook. Her suggestion tempted me, but I became used to not logging on Facebook because my social life is not exciting to begin with.

If someone’s having an awesome milestone moment in his life, I rather hear it directly from him (even if it’s a decade later) than have Facebook shoving fifty poignant moments in my face.

In the linked post above, I noted Yelp as my nicotine patch. It did help at the time, but I quickly lost interest in it. I still check-in and will get around to writing reviews for the places I’ve been to.


As you may have already figured out from this entry’s title, I’ve decided to get back to Instagram. It wasn’t in my new year’s resolution, and so it’s good to go.

I actually had considered deleting the account as to avoid social networks much as possible. My finger hovered over the “Delete” button.

But I couldn’t. Maybe it was because it has the same name as my blog or it might be worth millions on some perverse auction bidding on people’s social accounts. Or I like to continue capturing snapshots in my life and see it unfold as a visual collage of who I am.

I will refrain from linking my Instagram with my WordPress. My reason: my blog is for thoughtful posts and the occasional comics and illustrations, and if the reader is interested, there’s my Instagram account.


an intermission before moving on

3 Feb

The reason for this intermission is that along with the upcoming posts, there is going to be a series of entries about my experience with God and church.

After reading Jadesandwich’s post, I felt relieved because I was not alone in my experience with the church. Then it got me thinking to stop dwelling on them and instead write them down. I wanted to do this before, but I couldn’t find the sentences to string them into a decent theme. (I did consider creating a separate blog but decided to post them here.)

However, there is my concern for those people who have been a part of these experiences. While I’ll be giving them pseudonyms, they might figure it out who I might be referring to. Please be assured this is not a soapbox for me to stand up and spew groundless diatribe. Also, the events described is to the best of my recollection.

My best friend Joon was sharing with me about how Christian books he read always has it all-together with its solutions ready to be applied to one’s life. He wanted to read something by someone who struggled.

That’s something I want to read too, and seems like I’ll have to write so I could read it.