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vegheads and a kid

18 Apr

vegheads and a kid

Well, kid, if you think about it, YouTube is the one ruining your childhood. It’s making you think you can eat something from Epic Mealtime and live.


reasons why i haven’t updated my blog

6 Mar

one time it all happened at once. true story.

Yes, Internet, I draw comics.

I notice a trend of people apologizing for not having updated their blog or vlog, and I can relate to that, considering mine had been collecting some dust. So it was either write a simple one sentence with the phrase “I’m sorry” or draw some comics. The second option sounded more appealing, and it comes with an implied apology, a rather entertaining one.

This was first drawn on a piece of copy paper (7×8) with non-photo pencil and then inked with Micron pens.