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warm, warmer, hot as hell

15 Sep

I really miss wearing my jacket. Like having a blanket around you but makes you feel cool, in the stylish sense.

Instead, SoCal has been disgustingly hot in the past few days. Leaving the house feels like you ran into someone’s armpit and opening the car door is similar to standing by a sauna powered by a waterfall of distilled human sweat. (No odor, but damn, you can feel it.)

Yet I do drive with my windows down. Once I let the cooped-up armpit fart air out of the sedan through the window, the breeze is a 4th place copper trophy. Only an inch of coolness can be felt, but I’ll take it. Better than using some gas to my A/C when going on the sidestreets.

Come on Autumn, make your entrance. I bought a nice jacket that I like to wear, something that would soak all of my body water like a sponge boss if worn on a hot day like today.