Table of Content

Below is the blog posts organized by subject. It only includes some asides. The whim aside series can be accessed here.

social networks and internet:

instagram: my nicotine patch

the like button

the no facebook resolution

recycling virtual accounts

being unfriended on facebook

wait, wordpress is a community?

how to take down the social network empire


on being korean-american


alone in the crowd

wandering in big tokyo

poetry reading on a cold january night

in the search of edible paradise


whim aside #1: line between faith and doubt

between a faith and a skeptic place


what drives a story for me

on blogging


i quit online dating

season of singleness


put a north in the river

a crack on my shoulder

the wish for fame is nice but be specific

twenties: reinvent yourself

at a political crossroad

your manhood, interrupted

tragedies attract spectators like moths to a flame

welcome to my metaphysical castle

honesty is the way to go

an unconventional thought at the convention

quick musing in five minutes

an introduction i suppose


the easel mandate

Last updated: April 6 2013

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