appetite surfing

14 Apr

Note to self: Never drive when you’re hungry and have not yet decided where to eat. Waste of time and gas. And you end up getting something that you weren’t craving. (It is kind of fun to drive without any aim or destination.)

Initially I thought of calling this “foodie surfing”, but that doesn’t sound quite right as it emphasized more on the person who loves food than the food itself. So I thought appetite surfing makes more sense because one moment you are craving a hamburger, but you feel reluctant (because you realized you had it yesterday or don’t have the coupon) and begin craving something else.

It’s like your tastebuds have one TV to share, and they’re all fighting for the remote.


Today I was prepared. I had a coupon for Jersey Mike’s Subs. So I knew where I was going to eat. I got in the car and on my way there, I had a bad feeling there was something I missed in the fine print.

I took a look and realized the coupon was only accepted at another Jerry Mike’s, not the one I was going to. I don’t want to drive two towns over to save one or two bucks, I thought.¹ Then it dawned on me. Hey! I’ve been meaning to try Costco’s new item, the pulled pork sandwich.

I arrived at Costco. A decent crowd with few tables free. I stood in line for a minute or two, and then took a closer look at the signs. They only accepted cash, or if you are feeling old-fashioned, a check with your Costco Club. But they don’t accept credit card. I didn’t have any of those three and what a sinking feeling, like I got stood up on two dates in a row.

I settled with Carl’s Jr.’s. I had asked Siri to find me a coupon in the web browser and it came up with “Ageing a coupon.” Decided to let my hunger override my Asian coupon-clipping mentality. I ordered the Big Carl, pretty much the answer to McDonald’s Big Mac.

The meat was thicker than McD and rested on a bed of lettuce. On top was a glob of thousand island dressing. The whole thing was sandwiched by two slightly firm buns. Not the most arousing food review. The burger was enough to satisfy my appetite since it was quite a late lunch.

I could hear some of my tastebuds, telling me, “you see…you should have gone to this [insert eatery] instead.”


¹If it was the only Jerry Mike’s in the area and I knew before driving, I would definitely go there to save, but there is one that is less than two miles from where I live.


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