epilogue to the 2014 lunar eclipse

15 Apr

So thought I add some final thoughts before concluding my coverage of the lunar eclipse last night.

When I first heard of the lunar eclipse and how the “blood moon” has historical significance, I was a bit scared, thinking something unfortunate was going to happen. Maybe the rapture happens or something. Nothing on a global scale happened, but I think the power of the moon did play into effect.

I went to the Lego store today and visited the Pick-A-Brick, where you can fill up a container with the pieces you want with a small going for $7.99 and a large $14.99. But to my surprise, the price for both sizes increased by a dollar.

My fear has been realized, on a miniature, plastic scale.


So I rather be optimistic and not think last night as a blood moon, but as a love moon. Well, you know, maybe the love of my life (i.e. future girlfriend to be future wife) was looking at the same moon at the same time. Like Sleepless in Seattle.

Cheesy I know. (In case you haven’t learn, the moon is not made of dairy.)


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