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vegheads and a kid

18 Apr

vegheads and a kid

Well, kid, if you think about it, YouTube is the one ruining your childhood. It’s making you think you can eat something from Epic Mealtime and live.


first digital doodle this 2013 year

16 Apr

first digital doodle this 2013 year

I’m getting myself to draw more, which also means using my wacom tablet. I used sketchbook pro 6 for this doodle. In case you’re looking for a economic alternative to Photoshop and you use a Mac, I highly recommend Pixelmator.

o captain, my…what a fashion statement

20 Mar


Usually on a whim, I set out on a new day, wearing a dark blue sailor captain hat. Out on the sea of asphalt, cruising on the Fit, the Honda Fit.


Of course, my thought of wearing a sailor captain hat didn’t originate in a vacuum. As a kid, I found such hats to be fascinating, but never thought of wearing one myself. Also, hat shops always carry sports team caps and sometimes, fedoras.

Enter sophomore year of college when the show Class of 3000 was on Cartoon Network.

The show is about a small music class led by music hometown legend Sunny Bridges (voiced by Andre 3000). I enjoyed the episodes and the one character that stood out to me is Lil’ D, one of the students.

Not only is he a lively, bold character, but it is what he is wearing: a sailor captain hat. Of course, his is white and I didn’t rush out to buy mine on the spot. I thought the hat fit him well as the leader of the group.

It was only after two years I graduated from college that I began checking out a small downtown area of my city. I had always passed through it for many years, but never visited. What prompted me to visit was when Joon told me about a local independent cafe.

(Note: I hesitated visiting this area because there was no place to park. Turned out when visiting the cafe I discovered there was a parking structure nearby offering free parking. I’m breaking out of my suburbanite shell, parking spot by parking spot.)

During one of my visits in downtown, I came across a vintage wear shop. Inside, there was a selection of clothing and accessories, what you might consider in the retro and ironic sense. There was some military wear like a variety of army jackets and some small buttons with snarky sayings. And there it was, a selection of sailor captain hats. There was a white one, but it seemed too bright and noticeable. Then I saw one in dark blue: subtle yet stylish. Perfect.

Also, I got myself a green air force jacket. I don’t wear this often because of this irrational fear someone would recruit me to be a pilot or tell me to drop down and do ten push-ups for going AWOL for a cup of mocha latte.

With a sailor captain hat, rarely would there be a situation where a person would cry in anguish, “Is there a sea captain in this cafe?” Best if I avoid wearing this when aboard an actual ship lest I be working on the poop deck.


I feel the looks, stares, and double-takes as I walk by bystanders. So why do I wear it?

First of all, I don’t have any experience handling a sailboat. So chalk one up for irony.

The only simple answer I have is… I find it appealing to me. I know, a vague, cop-out answer. Let me elaborate.

Isn’t strange, how in video games like Skyrim or The Sims people would spend time investing in their character. They somehow impart a small part of themselves into their digital avatars. Not that I’m encouraging people to dress up like an Elvish archer or a failed Renaissance actor , but people tend to be terribly self-conscious of how strangers perceive their physical appearance. Some might go far as shopping at trendy clothing stores (products determined by fashion designers) and dress like everybody else and be a hundred bucks lighter.

When I wear this hat, it reminds me to be daring, to sail into the uncharted waters of life. Metaphorical, I know, but that’s what it does. It also teaches me to be oblivious to what people might think about this guy, wearing a sailor captain hat miles away from the sea. They could write me off as a crazy man building an ark in the middle of the suburbs, but I must persist in whatever endeavors and callings I’m led to pursue.


reasons why i haven’t updated my blog

6 Mar

one time it all happened at once. true story.

Yes, Internet, I draw comics.

I notice a trend of people apologizing for not having updated their blog or vlog, and I can relate to that, considering mine had been collecting some dust. So it was either write a simple one sentence with the phrase “I’m sorry” or draw some comics. The second option sounded more appealing, and it comes with an implied apology, a rather entertaining one.

This was first drawn on a piece of copy paper (7×8) with non-photo pencil and then inked with Micron pens.

at a political crossroad

4 Aug

i came all this way and there's no lemonade stand?

I know about politics. There’s the conservatives, the liberals, Ann Coulter, and Michael Moore. Then you got your issues over abortion and gay marriage.

Now, I find a question haunting me: what are YOUR political beliefs?

This is going to take some time to solidify in my mind. Not to base mine on what my family or friends or the media think, but because that is my honest conviction.

I don’t want to be naive or ignorant, but informed and thoughtful.

the easel mandate

14 Jun

On a whim, I bought a $168 whiteboard from Office Mix Max and this was the first thing I wrote:

come on, why are you hovering your cursor over this to see what it has to say when there's life to read? well, you read a sentence for starters...