figuring stuff out with help from above

25 Jun

Last week, I logged onto the public wi-fi at a local library and visited Yahoo!, which is one of my digital habits to get a glimpse of what’s happening in this world. I saw the homepage, which looked like it vomited most of its web 2.0 and leaving only html-only with links on the left side and a mesh of text congregating in the center. This was probably due to the website not playing nice with the wireless network. So I scrolled down to find something legible to read and came across this quote:

Your deeper brain is engaged with reality in a new way today — so make sure that you’re giving yourself all the time you need to figure stuff out. Your philosophical leanings start to shine through!

Thoughtful with implications of being thought-provoking. Was this something Lincoln or Gandhi? Nope. This was actually from today’s horoscope for a Taurus, and yes, I told Yahoo! my sign.

I would usually see the horoscope on the down-right side, and it would have one for another sign (Aries). I thought, “Might as well have something that’s my sign. Humor me.”

So I changed it to Taurus, and I would usually read the day’s horoscope more for my amusement than a legitimate means of asking The Universe of my purpose through daily updates, probably written by a psychic reader or an harried intern on prozac.

Except it was, you could say, relevant this time as I am gradually developing my life’s philosophy. You know the cliche, finding my place in the world as a twentysomething and answering again the “who am I” question so I could be confident to say who I am.


I know, such silly fortunes are to be eschewed much as possible and instead chew on something more substantial and meaningful, like cooking recipes and poetry. Yet I must admit that I do indulge in the occasional pleasure of the fortune cookie.

Unlike horoscopes, the fortune cookie is exciting because there is something special for you, like a Happy Meal or one of those “blind  boxes” containing a random figurine or a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. Of course, I know that I cherry-pick my slips of fortune that. “Oh, I don’t really see myself as being a leader” or “Yes, I do have a captivating style of my own.”

(The 21st century equivalent of the fortune cookie is the Emergency Compliment. Keep on clicking still you stop feeling crappy. Or submit one and then hope to choose it so you can be your own self-fulfilling prophesy, for the better!)


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