instagram: my nicotine patch

16 Mar

So I’m still keeping my new years resolution: no Facebook for a year, at least.

A co-worker was nudging me to go back on the website so she can invite me to networking functions. I told her there’s email, but she had become accustomed to using the events and messages in Facebook. Her suggestion tempted me, but I became used to not logging on Facebook because my social life is not exciting to begin with.

If someone’s having an awesome milestone moment in his life, I rather hear it directly from him (even if it’s a decade later) than have Facebook shoving fifty poignant moments in my face.

In the linked post above, I noted Yelp as my nicotine patch. It did help at the time, but I quickly lost interest in it. I still check-in and will get around to writing reviews for the places I’ve been to.


As you may have already figured out from this entry’s title, I’ve decided to get back to Instagram. It wasn’t in my new year’s resolution, and so it’s good to go.

I actually had considered deleting the account as to avoid social networks much as possible. My finger hovered over the “Delete” button.

But I couldn’t. Maybe it was because it has the same name as my blog or it might be worth millions on some perverse auction bidding on people’s social accounts. Or I like to continue capturing snapshots in my life and see it unfold as a visual collage of who I am.

I will refrain from linking my Instagram with my WordPress. My reason: my blog is for thoughtful posts and the occasional comics and illustrations, and if the reader is interested, there’s my Instagram account.


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